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1 Bulb per package- Unsure of Color  

Begonias thrive so well in hanging baskets, which is why it seems like everyone has them. It's a really strong choice, but you'll want one that's particularly striking if you want to stand out. Bouton de Rose is a particularly charming variety, because its doubling flowers form pretty rosettes in a bright and cheery bicolor. Whether you want to force it indoors for color out of season or give your house some curb appeal, this beautiful perennial is up for the task. It's easy to grow in a perennial shade garden, or you can do what gardeners love best and feature it in your hanging basket. What makes this begonia so perfect for baskets? It's just the right height and habit to cascade dramatically over the edges of a hanging basket, yet leaves a nice mound of flowers on top. It also has the ideal light requirements you'd want for a hanging basket, as you've usually got them hooked under a porch roof or pergola. Begonias thrive in that shady spot and still bring bright floral color all summer long, which isn't something many container garden favorites can boast. We should mention, you can grow this in full sun, if you want it in a patio pot. Begonia 'Bouton de Rose'

Begonia Bouton De Rose

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