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Local Greenhouse

Why Locally Grown Produce is the Better Choice

If you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, choosing locally grown produce is the best way to go. After you visit a local greenhouse, you can decide whether you want to try your hand at growing your own produce at home, too. Read on to learn more about why locally grown produce is a better choice when it comes to buying and consuming fruits and vegetables.

Better Flavor

When you buy produce from a local greenhouse or market, the crops are picked at the peak of ripeness. The fresher the produce is, the better it will taste. Foods you find at the grocery store are harvested early since they have to be transported and distributed to different retailers. Locally grown produce is usually picked within 24 hours before you purchase it, which means it’s a lot fresher, riper, and a whole lot more delicious, too.

Better for You

Eating local food is better for you in terms of nutrition, too. There is a much shorter time between the harvest and when the food reaches your table. This means that the veggies and fruits you eat that are grown locally have a higher and much better nutrient value. In addition to the healthier amount of nutrients, this food is also safer for you to eat. The more steps between your food and the supplier, the more chemicals and other potential contaminants can be used to keep it fresh. Locally grown food is free of the unhealthy extras that are normally involved in mass-produced fruits and vegetables.

Showing Support

Buying items from a local greenhouse means that you’re putting money back into the local economy. Every time you buy something from a local grower, you’re giving money to farmers and families who need it. The more you spend on local businesses, the more that money can help your community thrive and grow.

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