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The delicate sweet taste of fresh-picked peas makes them one of the most popular garden vegetables.  Very productive plants produce plump pods filled with 6-7 medium sized dark-green peas.  Grows best in cool weather.  Use fresh or cooked, good for freezing.  Plants grow best if seeds are treated with innoculant before sowing.  Plant only into well drained soil.  Direct sow seed as soon as the soil can be worked in the Spring.  Replant as two week intervals until Summer.  Water regularly and fertilize when 4" tall.  Provide a support about 24"tall.  Tip: Trellis between two rows.  Harvest: Pick while pods are still bright green and shiny but after seeds have enlarged.  Hold vine while picking to avoid damaging it.  A good source of fiber, minerals, vitamins A & C and some of Vitamin B. 

Peas-Little Marvel

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