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This dual purposed bean can be used for either eating fresh when young or as a shell bean.  Pods grow to 9" in length and yield is continuous from mid-summer to the first frost.  Good climber, fiberless.  Any good well drained soil with a pH above 6 will grow beans.  Beans do not tolerate cool, wet soil.  Sow seeds once in a sunny location after soil has reached at least 50 degrees Farneheit.  Loose fertile soil is best.  Plant 2"-3" apart in double rows 24" apart.  Provide support poles or fencing 4'-5' high.  Water regularly.  Harvesting: Pick young or fresh use, or leave on the vine to mature as a shell bean.  Beans are low in calories, high in fiber.  They supply calcium, phosphorus and moderate amount of vitamins A & C. 

Garden Bean-Green/Kentucky Wonder Pole

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