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HOme garden favorite, dependable, heavy yielding.  Carrot matures in 75 days.  The root is 7"-7 3/4" long, slightly tapered with a blunt end.  Color is bright orange.  Very sweet with good flavor, fine grained and tender.  Carrots do best in sandy, well limed soil.  Prepare soil so that it is very loose.  This variety prefers deep cultivation.  Sow thinly 1/2" deep and cover with light soil.  Firm soil with back of hoe.  Easy to establish in raised beds.  Thinning is a must for all root crops.  Try snipping the tops of unwanted plants, as this action will not disturb the root of carrots left to mature.  Harvest: 75 days Low in calories and high in Vitamin A

Carrot-Davers Half Long

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