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3 Bulbs per package 

Carolyn Whorton Pink Fancy Leaf Caladium Bulbs produce plants with large leaves with large bright pink blotches, red veins and green mottling.

  • Color: Pink
  • Growth Habit: Large leaves, very upright and strong.
  • Height: Tall
  • Sun Tolerance: Shade To Full Sun
  • Suggested Uses: 6″ or larger pots. Beautiful in all areas of landscaping and large containers.

Carolyn Whorton is a pink Fancy Leaf caladium variety. These shade to full sun loving caladium bulbs or tubers are great for adding easy color to your late spring and summer plantings. Carolyn Whorton is an old, very hearty caladium variety that is considered tall in height (2 -2.5 ft). Carolyn Whorton caladium bulbs are tropical foliage plants that are easy to grow in landscaping, pots and planters. Carolyn Whorton caladiums have very large leaves with large, bright pink blotches, red veins, and green mottling. Carolyn Whorton is a customer favorite because of its extreme size and hardiness. They look beautiful and add color and texture behind short foliage, annuals, or shorter caladium varieties of contrasting color. Caladium bulbs originated in the Amazon Basin, which is why they require and thrive in the warm summer day and night temperatures. Caladiums are from the Araceae family and mix well with other annuals, Hosta’s, ferns, and foliage.

Caladium Fancy Leaf Carolyn Whorton#1

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